There IS an American University in Afghanistan? Amazing.

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Supertyphoon Nepartak 

I have not been in Taiwan but 6 weeks and I have already experienced two earthquakes.

Now we have a supertyphoon threatening to stir things up.

Here you can read more.

Or, take a look at this pic taken by Yours Truly, at the beach here in Hualien.  This was taken when the storm was a couple of hundred kilometers offshore.



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Mt. Marathon

This is path of one of the many 4th of July races.  This one takes place in Seward, Alaska.  It is 3,022′ to the top of Mt. Marathon, 3,022′ down.  The race started as bar bet 60 years ago.  Winning time, 41 minutes, 26 seconds. mtmara


And this is one of the woman who ran up and back.   Jo, The Human Hammer.  Good on ya girl!


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Sailing La Vagabonde


I discovered this  couple–young, strong, good looking and imbued with the sort of confidence that we wish that we all had–by chance surfing the internet one evening.  I think I was on Youtube.

Riley and Elayna are seeing the world by sailboat.  They are privvy to the most spectacular sunsets on the planet.

Originally Riley did not have any sailing experience, but he had some money saved from working on the oilrigs.  He purchased a boat from  a trio of arguing Italians, somewhere in the Adriatic. I think he got a good deal.

Since then, along with Elayna who he met in a nightclub (was she performing at the time?), they have managed to cross the Seven Seas, and are now in the Marquesas Islands in the middle of the South Pacific, in the middle of paradise and one of the most remote places on Earth.  This is where Thor Heyerdahl of Kon Tiki fame went years ago, holing up with wife Liz and a baby pig in a cave while the natives beat the drums of war and threatened to come and get them. I remember him talking about how lush and beautiful his surroundings were, and how the native’s lower limbs were all swollen from elephantiasis.

Here are some links to their growing internet presence.  Youtube

Here is a link to a site where they try to raise money for adventures to come.

Then there are all the other social media sites, which are listed on the right side of their Facebook page. And, there is the attendant media publicity.

What this couple has going for them is pretty much a little bit of everything.  Elayna is simply a great presence.  She is as charming as they come.  She is a cook, videographer, first mate, musician, sailor, storyteller and much, much more.  Plus, she is the loveliest woman you will ever lay eyes on.

Riley is the modern-day swashbuckler, a man with a moustache and a bit of a profile of a pirate.  He has the unique ability to catch fish, sail a boat, chart a course, haul up the anchor, ascend the mainsail, reef the main, scrub the hull free of algae and clams, float the spinnaker, and tackle a million other tasks that come his way daily.  He even has the ability to make one walk the plank, although I am sure he would never do that.

The only task he seems to have problems with is getting his parts delivered to the next port.   Elayna admits that they have little luck in getting parts delivered to the next port of call.

But probably what endears me to Riley the most is his inner desire to become a writer.  He devours books, including a hugely thick novel by one David Foster Wallace.  I hope he understands it because I don’t.

And, he has a blog, here on WordPress.  May the force be with him.

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Life is about Living

Living the Dream… on a Budget!

Source: Life is about Living

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Heroes Do Exist

Doug Hughes is one.  Read about him here, or there, or anywhere.

You can also read about him here

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Going Postal

Doug Hughes and his gyrocopter: under the radar to make a political point ( video).

Here is another news story on this brave, patriotic man.

Here is perhaps a more informative article than the others, courtesy of the Washington Post.

Here is a great pic of the pilot practicing in Florida prior to his White House incursion, courtesy The Independent in Britain.

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Angry White Guy

Here is a classic example of road rage.

Angry White Guy is a much bigger asshole than Yours Truly.  Sure, I lose my temper occasionally, but I never act like this.

This guy is a genuine loser.  Plus, he’s a NYC cop.  Long live the assholes in blue!

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Simon and Martina at You Are Here Cafe

These are the faces behind the myriad postings on Youtube under the names “Simon and Martina.”  They recently opened a cafe’ named You Are Here here in Hongdae.  The acronym for these words is YAH. 

“Yah,” says Martina.  “Like they say in Norway, Yah.”

“Yah,” says Yours Truly.

The man on the right is my good friend Han Wonhee.  The picture was taken with his Samsung Galaxy smartphone.



Left to right, Martina, Simon, Yours Truly, Han Wonhee


Martina hamming it up in front of the camera

The interior of Simon and Martina's You Are Here cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.  Photo taken with Han Wonhee's fisheye lens.

  The interior of Simon and Martina’s You Are Here cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea. Photo taken with Han Wonhee’s fisheye lens.

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Images of Seoul

Here I am once again in Seoul, South Korea.  Here are some pics of the local fauna.


Mi Young and Shin Yang of Arirang TV


Jino, painting a babushka, or a Russian nesting doll. Jino used to work as a journalist at the Busan Ilbo, or Busan Daily. She says that since the recent sinking of the Sewol ferry, a new name for journalists has arisen: giraigi (기래기), a synthesis of journalist (journalist is gija=기자 and garbage is sseuraeggi=쓰래기) and garbage, hence garbage journalist.   The name of Jino’s shop is Pole Pole, which means slowly in Swahili.  


This couple sells ddeokpokki (뗙볶이), or rice cakes in a spicy red stew, from their mobile cart in the Hongdae area of Seoul.   I like to slather the spicy red sauce over fried sweet potatoes (고구마) and fried stuffed chili peppers (고추되김), both of which are also available from these food vendors.



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