The Pomegranate Juice Seller 성류 아저씨

Pomegranate, or 성류 in Korea, is a rich, red, tasty fruit that drips down your chin if you are not careful.  It does this in Iran, Northern India, or where ever it originally came from, but now it delivers its vitamins and nourishment to people all over the world, thanks to refrigerated containers and international trade.  Here are some pics of this guy selling pomegranate juice in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.  He also sells chicken on a stick, covered with melted mozzarella cheese.  Yum.

In Spring and Summer, he sells grapefruit juice, just like I used to do.


Melted mozzarella chicken sticks, known as 닭꼬치 in Korea


Uncle Pomegranate Juice hard at work


Pomegranate husks, the remnants of a good day


Every last bit counts

Here I am, ensconced in my usual place at the Bukpyeong Five Day Market

북평오일장서 오렌지 자몽주스 파는중

selling juice

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