Pictures of Seoul

Samsung Tower on Jongro in Seoul

Jongro Tower on Jongro Street in central Seoul


A handbag. How much junk can you stuff into this thing, lady? Somewhere in the downtown Seoul nexus of neon lights.


A girl reading a paper book next to Cheonggyecheon, the artificial stream that still manages to bring relief to a city choked by too much concrete.  When I see people reading paperback books in this age of digital this and digital that I realize that there is hope for humanity.  


Guards dressed in contemporary fashion standing vigil at the gates of the Royal Palace, or Kyungbokkung, central Seoul, South Korea.


Women wearning traditional Korean dress or "hanbok" in front of royal palace, "Kyungbukkung," in Seoul. .

Women wearing traditional Korean dress or “hanbok” in front of royal palace, “Kyungbokkung,” in Seoul. .


Cheonggyecheon, the artificial stream standing in the place where a a real stream once ran. Myung-bak Lee, the former Mayor of Seoul, was responsible for restoring this stream, although his critics say that he did little restoration, instead creating from scratch what did not exist since the original was concreted over decades ago.


That is Paris in the blue suit, leaning on the rail and looking at her cell phone. She had an interview with Etihad Airlines earlier that afternoon.


Kyungbokkung, Seoul’s Royal Palace, now a tourist attraction


My friend Mr. Choi, and his friend (in hat) Mr. Ohm.


Busy intersection in Jongro area of Seoul.

Busy intersection in Jongro area of Seoul.

TV film crew about to broadcast the weather from Cheonggycheong, downtown Seoul, South Korea.

TV film crew about to broadcast the weather from Cheonggyecheon, downtown Seoul, South Korea.

IMG_1526 (1)

Like all cities of an equal size, Seoul is plagued by its share of fanatics, in this case born again christians protesting anything and everything under the sun.  I wish these people would disappear completely off the face of the earth, but if they did, then I would not have anything to complain about. 














IMG_1580 (1)

Natural Beauty of Seoul. These ladies are all aspiring stewardesses, hoping to work for Etihad Airlines. Or was it Emirates? Oh well. That is Paris, second from viewer right.

I met Paulo in Curitiba.  He is an engineer currently working for Petrobras, Brazil’s state run petroleum consortum.  I taught him English for close to six months while I essentially did nothing (but drink heavily) in one of Southern Brazil’s most prosperous cities. 

Paulo is married to Claudia, and they have two children, Beatriz, the Little Princess, and the Little Prince, João.  One of the last things Paulo said to me before I left Brazil to return to South Korea (on the other side of the world and another world away), was: “Please send me some pictures of Korea.  I want to see Korea through your eyes.”  Here then are those pics.  And Paulo, if you are reading this, please leave a comment, in Portuguese, and send me some pics of you and your lovely family.

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One thought on “Pictures of Seoul

  1. Paulo

    obrigado pelas fotos! ficaram ótimas, consegui um pequeno passeio pela Correia do Sul através delas. em breve mando umas fotos nossas! abraço.


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