My last week in Brazil I went to the top of Caratuva, at 1.860 meters above sea level one of the highest peaks in the State of  Paraná. Here is an account of that journey.  After we came down from the mountain we waited for the bus, meeting a couple of homeless people along the way.

Thanks to Luciana Carvalho de Oliveira for giving me a much needed kick in the arse and to the summit.

2014-07-21 11.34.21

This is the monkey puzzle tree, which is the North American name for the auracaria. The auracaria was known to the native people of Parana as curitiba, hence the name of the city of Curitiba.

2014-07-21 12.13.44

Luciana Carvalho de Oliveira setting up the tent, first day on our quest to summit Caratuva

2014-07-21 12.14.04

Luciana trying to find the correct angle

2014-07-21 12.53.01

Luciana and Dilson. Dilson is the manager of the Fazenda Pico Paraná (fazenda means ranch or just about anything else in Portuguese), and boy was he frustrated with dealing with the Brazilian bureaucracy.

2014-07-21 12.58.10

Dilson and his daughter Jade. I am not sure if I am spelling her name correctly.

2014-07-21 13.51.14

I like this fungus, so I fotographed it.   Notice how I spelled the word “photographed.”  It is not a subconscious mistake.

2014-07-21 16.29.57

Luciana holding one of the best books ever written about the human love affair with mother nature, this one ending tragically. If you cannot see the title clearly, it is Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild.

2014-07-22 09.59.51

Luciana, stage right, and our guide Kleber. Brazilians have such clever names, do they not?

2014-07-22 09.59.56

Clouds, on way to the summit.

2014-07-22 13.00.58

Guide Kleber on way to summit

2014-07-22 11.32.09

Kleber and Yours Truly.

2014-07-22 11.32.29

Richard and Luciana in front of sign

2014-07-22 12.17.32

A pretty flower we saw on the way to the summit.

2014-07-22 13.10.06

Luciana on summit of Caratuva, with Pico do Parana, the highest mountain in Parana, in the distance.

2014-07-22 15.27.02

Yours Truly, truly a slacker, nodding out and catching some rays on the summit of Caratuva

2014-07-22 15.28.39

Prata, looking on. This dog, an Australian shepherd, followed us to the summit. The guide Clever named her Prata, which means “Silver” in Portuguese.

2014-07-22 15.28.46

Another perspective of the Australian sheep dog “Prata.”

2014-07-23 12.58.20

Sunrise over Pico do Parana.  Ignore the time.  The camera got the date correct, but the time was wrong.   Or maybe I got the date correct, but F*****D up the time.

2014-07-23 21.00.30

Laurindo de Paraná, Sem Destino (Laurindo of Parana Without Destination, in English), carving a can for Luciana to keep all her spare change, as if she has any to begin with

2014-07-23 21.02.30

Jacqueline, the other half of the Laurindo from Parana equation, not waiting for the bus that will carry me and Luciana to Curitiba.

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5 thoughts on “Caratuva

  1. Luciana

    Um destino bonito, uma boa viagem.


  2. Even with tentmate who farts and snores?


  3. Anita

    Nice pictures. Loved the subtitles. =)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sid

    Parabéns pela publicação…. Muito legal!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sid

    How are you?  How is the Pension? 

    Please give my best to Belwan when you see him, and tell Alexander that I said hello.

    My best to you.   Rick Ruffin Somewhere in Hongdae


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